Representatives from federal agencies, communities and academia gathered in St. Petersburg, Florida earlier this month to discuss the future of coastal processes research at the US Coastal Research Program (USCRP) 2024 Decadal Visioning Workshop. The three-day event consisted of presentations on the past, present and future of coastal research, as well as panel discussions and breakout groups focused on challenges, opportunities and research priorities.

Several N-EWN partners attended, including the US Army Corps of Engineers, University of Florida Center for Coastal Solutions, and the University of New Hampshire. Dr. Amanda Tritinger of the USACE Engineering With Nature (EWN) initiative gave a presentation on the EWN mission to co-develop coastal solutions, including through efforts like the Network for Engineering With Nature (N-EWN).

This year’s workshop marks the 10th anniversary of the Past and Future of Nearshore Process Research community visioning session, calling back to the beginning of USCRP’s effort to bring together coastal stakeholders and researchers to collaborate on new solutions. Learn more about the workshop here.



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