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Levels of engagement

We have three levels of engagement, each with different levels of benefits and expectations

N-EWN Stakeholders

Stakeholders include government, non-government, public, private, and media sector supporters who are not actively engaged in work with the Network but who are committed to the mission of EWN and to promoting N-EWN products and activities.

Stakeholder-level activities can include, but are not limited to:

  • Signing up for the NEWN newsletter and email distribution list via the NEWN website.
  • Keeping abreast of N-EWN research and activities by, for example, attending N-EWN webinars, reviewing the latest N-EWN news on the website, or perusing N-EWN materials.
  • Promoting the work of N-EWN informally through your own professional network.

N-EWN Collaborators

Collaborators are typically individuals who want to take a more active role in the N-EWN. Collaborators are expected to engage in 1 to 2 activities per year (not including the stakeholder-level activities) and provide a summary of those activities for the N-EWN Annual Report.

Collaborator-level activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Actively and regularly participating in one or more of the four N-EWN research groups (
  • Using (and crediting) N-EWN research to inform the implementation of nature-based solutions (NBS), natural infrastructure (NI), or natural and nature-based features (NNBF).
  • Hosting a N-EWN event at your organization’s premises.
  • Collaborating with a N-EWN research team on specific research, as an investigator or through activities such as serving as an outside advisor, reviewing reports, or sharing relevant datasets.
  • Providing access to an EWN project site for monitoring and evaluation purposes.
  • Providing access to data on their EWN project.

N-EWN Partners

Partners typically engage at an organizational level rather than as an individual due to high-level of expected engagement. Partners are should engage in 3 to 4 activities each year and provide a summary of those activities for the N-EWN Annual Report. Partners may also choose to select one representative to serve on the N-EWN advisory committee (see the governance document for more information on this committee).

Partner-level activities include all collaborator and also include, but are not limited to:

  • Contributing staff time and financial resources to develop and conduct research.
  • Developing N-EWN educational materials.
  • Providing access to facilities, models, data, or other resources that can advance NEWN research.
  • Providing access to a demonstration, field, and test sites for data collection and monitoring or other kinds of research, education, and communication activities.
  • Providing internships or other work experience opportunities to the N-EWN community.
  • Hosting a N-EWN career fair.
  • Share NBS, NI, or NNBF lessons learned with N-EWN via a webinar series or similar.
  • Provide opportunities for N-EWN researchers to participate in the implementation process of NBS.
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How to join

Become a…

N-EWN Partner

Parties and organizations interested in becoming Network for Engineering With Nature (N-EWN) Partners, whether solicited by the Network or not, should submit a “letter of interest and intent” (LOI) (download the LOI template here). This letter should explain how the applicant’s interests align with N-EWN, describe the nature of their potential participation, illustrate how they will make material contributions to the Network, and state the expected outcomes  of their participation. In developing their LOI, interested parties should communicate with existing N-EWN partners about their potential role within N-EWN and seek a recommendation for membership from an existing partner.  The LOI should  describe this communication and the partner recommendation.

LOI’s will be reviewed by the N-EWN Operations Committee and submitted to the Executive Committee. Admission will be decided by the Executive Committee. If accepted, a welcome letter and N-EWN certificate will be provided. Membership to N-EWN will be reviewed and, if applicable, renewed every two years or at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Download the “Partner Membership Flow Chart” for a visual representation of the process used by N-EWN for reviewing and admitting new Partners.

N-EWN Collaborator

Potential collaborators who may work with existing N-EWN partner on a specific project or research topic will be considered in an ad hoc process, and acceptance is at  the discretion of the relevant project lead and the N-EWN Operations Committee.  No LOI is needed to become a collaborator. Please reach out directly to the N-EWN researcher that you wish to collaborate with or reach out to a member of the N-EWN Operations Committee for more information.

N-EWN Stakeholder

Organizations and individuals interested in becoming stakeholders can learn more about N-EWN projects and events by joining the newsletter and email distribution list through the N-EWN website, which will include opportunities to attend webinars, information about the latest N-EWN research, and other ways to stay abreast of the latest in the EWN field.