Dam Removal Cost Estimator

Welcome to our Shiny app, developed to provide cost estimates for dam removal projects within the conterminous United States. Since cost considerations can influence dam removal planning, prioritization, and execution, this tool is built as a resource for the dam removal community of practice.

Engineering With Nature CSTORM Modeling Toolkit

Learn more about the EWN CSTORM Modeling Toolkit, a method for predicting the impact that Engineering With Nature (EWN) features may have on the coastal resiliency of communities, quantifying changes to predicted values of storm surge, inundation, and wave attenuation for various storm events (i.e. 1/100, or 1/1000) if these features were implemented.

River Engineering Resources Tool

This tool provides engineers with a one-stop shop for river engineering resources.   The page provides links to key resources for river engineering analysis and design.  It is intended as a tool for (1) practitioners, (2) researchers, and (3) aspiring river engineers.

The Nature Conservancy’s Floodplain Prioritization Tool

Downloads for the Floodplain Prioritization Tool, hosted on the Freshwater Network’s website. This tool was developed by the Nature Conservancy to help decision makers improve community resilience through informed planning.

The Guidance for Design Hydrology for Stream Restoration Tool

Access to the Guidance for Design Hydrology for Stream Restoration Tool, a tool developed in part by N-EWN researchers that uses hard data to guide stream restoration practices.