The Center for Coastal Solutions

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Leveraging innovative technologies, applied Artificial Intelligence, workforce training programs, and multi-sector collaboration to enable local communities, the state of Florida, and the nation to better track, forecast, mitigate and prevent coastal hazards.

The CCS serves as a hub where decision-makers and other stakeholders can identify experts across UF who can address a range of challenges facing coastal communities, post jobs and seminars and find relevant news.

In addition, the CCS is leading a new multi-sector initiative called the Comprehensive Coastal Observing Network (CompCON). This flagship effort focuses on advancing how we monitor, model and deliver data products immediately useful for informing decisions related to addressing coastal hazards. CompCON seeks to envision, build and continually advance the coastal monitoring and modeling systems of the future, technologies that will deliver information to decision makers, stakeholders and the public at the scales, in the formats and with the level of certainty required to make proactive solutions for addressing water quality and other hazards on the coast.

The N-EWN partnership hopes to augment the technical capabilities and ultimate impact of the CompCON initiative, as well as dramatically enhance CCS education and outreach capabilities.

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Team Lead

Christine Angelini

Director, University of Florida Center for Coastal Solutions