aerial view of a river near grassland
Last week, the Engineering With Nature® movement was referenced in an NPR article that covered the […]
Last week, N-EWN representatives Brian Bledsoe and Todd Bridges, from the University of Georgia, attended the […]
Yesterday, N-EWN member Scott Pippin celebrated Earth Day at Ft. Benning, Georgia, where he represented the […]
ocean taken photo during sunset
Check out these two new N-EWN related positions: PhD Position in Ecosystem Services of Managed Wetlands […]
N-EWN Partners Dr. Rhett Jackson, Dr. Mark Risse, Oscar Villegas, and Caleb Sytsma joined USACE Savannah […]
This week marked the first in-person convening of the N-EWN advisory board, which took place at […]
At the 11th National Summit on Coastal and Estuarine Restoration and Management, a N-EWN team, including […]
An image of two people standing in a body of water, next to a stand of tools and instruments.
Story by Olivia Allen. Photos and captions provided by Cydney Seigerman. Originally posted to the River […]