We’d like to thank the sponsors of our first-ever Partner Symposium, held in St. Augustine, FL […]
The Network for Engineering With Nature (N-EWN) convened for the first N-EWN Partner Symposium on May […]
In a recent study published in Nature, coastal researchers evaluate salt marsh restoration as a flood […]
Building coastal resilience by engaging partners, fostering leaders, and addressing the challenges from climate change in […]
A new handbook reviewing risk management in nature-based solutions (NbS) evaluates connections between NbS, risk science and insurance, asserting that natural resources and NbS projects are undervalued in risk assessment. The authors call for further integration among these fields through interdisciplinary collaboration. The team identifies 15 recommendations to further integrate NbS into risk science and insurance for better implementation of NbS in the future.
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Leaders from public, private and governmental organizations met at the National Academies of […]
This week marked the first in-person convening of the N-EWN advisory board, which took place at […]