WASHINGTON, D.C. – Leaders from public, private and governmental organizations met at the National Academies of […]
back view of a person carrying a baby near the placid lake scenery
Need some New Year entertainment? Go check out the latest Engineering With Nature Podcast, S6 E10: […]
soldiers in line to get in a plane
In a recent article, DOD Officials Highlight Climate and Energy Security Issues at International Conference, Assistant […]
aerial photography of body of water
In a grant project focused on levee setbacks, UGA scientists are filling a critical gap in […]
The latest episode of the Engineering With Nature podcast, hosted by Sarah Thorne, features Deputy Lead of the Engineering With Nature Program Amanda Tritinger, Research Hydraulic Engineer Duncan Bryant, and Research Oceanographer Nick Cohn: a team united by their love of sand dunes.
One of the N-EWN founding partners, the US Army Corps of Engineers’ (USACE) Engineering With Nature® […]
rocky coast with sandy beach and wavy sea
A N-EWN team from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the University of Georgia recently […]
weir over river
Patterns, drivers, and a predictive model of dam removal cost in the United States In past […]
body of water beside beach sand
In collaboration with The Water Institute, we have conducted extensive policy research to evaluate the benefits […]
aerial view of a river near grassland
Last week, the Engineering With Nature® movement was referenced in an NPR article that covered the […]