Introduction to River Engineering Resources


This website provides engineers with a one-stop shop for river engineering resources.   The website provides links to key resources for river engineering analysis and design.  It is intended as a tool for (1) practitioners, (2) researchers, and (3) aspiring river engineers.


These resources focus on engineering contexts of hydrology, hydraulics, sediment transport and geomorphology.  Physico-chemical, biological, and social resources are complied incidentially.  Resources are selected based on their relevance to river engineering projects and frequency in practice.  To narrow the number of resources, the scope is limited to topics (1) within the stream corridor and (2) no larger in scale than a river reach (e.g., no watershed analyses or river networks).


River Engineering is the study and practice of human intervention between water and the landscape.  River engineering projects are critical to managing water resources to meet a wide range of environmental, social, and economic needs.  Over the last couple centuries, the science and practice has advanced from the improved understanding of technical processes.  Additionally, river engineering has evolved into an inherently multi-disciplinary field.  To help river engineers navigate centuries of river engineering science and practice, this website provides references and access to key resources.