Delivering Nature-based Solutions (NbS) globally that are innovative and future-ready for more than 30 years

Featured image (above): Bucktown Harbor Boardwalk and Marsh Overlook

Stantec leverages its established global platform to deliver future, climate ready solutions across all client portfolios and geographies. We work with global and local organizations and collaboratively share the engineered and scientific innovations we have developed, to intentionally seek out tactical strategies that benefit and protect both the built and natural environment. We create opportunity by building trusted relationships with our clients, partners, and each other.  Stantec’s international collaboration platforms and communication tools allow us to seamlessly respond at a global and local level. We have proven that the concept of international success can be achieved through trusted collaboration with our clients and technical delivery teams.

Our People

Dom Kempson, Vice President, Environmental Services, Nature-based Solutions 

Josh Running, Nature-based Climate Solutions Lead, N-EWN Partner Symposium Presenter 

Amanda Ludlow, Nature-based Water Quality Lead, N-EWN Partner Symposium Presenter

George Athanasakes, Vice President, Environmental Services, Ecosystem Restoration

Francis Wiese, Vice President, Environmental Services, Climate Solutions Science Director

Top to bottom, left to right: Dom Kempson, Josh Running, Amanda Ludlow, George Athanasakes, Francis Weise

Our Projects

Cedar Island Marsh Creation, Accomack County, Virginia

Robinson Preserve Freshwater Marsh Ecological Restoration, Manatee County, Florida

Green Park Biodiversity, Reading, United Kingdom

Blue and Green Corridors, New Orleans, Louisiana 

Clifton Integrated Constructed Wetland, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom


Stantec worked with county officials and other stakeholders to protect one of the few remaining undeveloped beach shorelines along Lake Michigan between Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and Chicago, Illinois. Learn more here.


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