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Identifying and Applying Engineering With Nature (EWN) Solutions to Inland Locations of the Central United States

Our Goals

Expanding the exemplary EWN work completed in coastal environments to the inland central United States is the focus of this proposed work. Exploring the role of nature-based solutions in propelling collaborative and inclusive community-driven environmental change has long been a research thrust of the University of Oklahoma, especially through the Center for Restoration of Ecosystems and Watersheds (CREW). CREW has a two-decade track record of successful ecological engineering research, resulting in the design, construction, and evaluation of sustainable ecosystems that integrate society and the natural environment for mutual benefit. Building on this foundation and an established network of state, local, tribal, private and non-profit partners, and expanding both the technical and geographic focus of these efforts, it is proposed to bring EWN to the forefront in addressing the environmental and water resource challenges of the central United States.

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Our Objectives

  • Our first objective is to establish a collaborative EWN research and development enterprise to understand inland central United States systems
  • Our second objective is to identify and pursue EWN field demonstration projects
  • Our third objective is to launch and operate a communication platform for enhanced public relations

In The News

  • Don’t miss out! Upcoming N-EWN Events & Media

    Don’t miss out! Upcoming N-EWN Events & Media

    Live Lecture: Engineering the Nature of Change TONIGHT 7 FEB, 6:30 PM CT The first lecture in this five-part series features Dr. Todd Bridges, National Lead for USACE Engineering With NatureĀ®. Dr. Bridges will speak about Innovating for a More Resilient and Sustainable Future. The series is one of only two Presidential Dream Courses held by…

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