The seventh season of the Engineering With Nature (EWN) Podcast started last week, featuring Ricardo Aguirre, Director of Land Management and Water Security for WEST Consultants (WEST) in Arizona and Executive Director of the Drylands Alliance for Addressing Water Needs (DAAWN). Aguirre joins co-hosts Sarah Thorne and Jeff King (National Lead of the EWN Program) to discuss regenerative land management.

“Regenerative land management, Ricardo explains, ‘is understanding nature’s patterns and working with nature to maintain landforms, specifically in this case, grasslands that do the yeoman’s work in the carbon and water cycles.'”

WEST is working to compare and improve farmland management techniques, which has brought Aguirre close to home, literally- one of the group’s demonstration sites in southern Arizona is on land that was a part of Aguirre’s family cattle ranch, where he grew up.

These projects are in alignment with the principles of EWN, and make for an exciting pilot episode for this new season of the podcast! Check it out here.

Photo courtesy of Mariko Yoshinaga via Engineering With Nature.



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