The Natrx Approach

Over 50% of the world’s population and $100 trillion in assets are directly exposed to risk from erosion, storm surge, and sea level rise.

Meanwhile, traditional mitigation methods are expensive and ecologically damaging. It’s time for a new approach. 

We deliver high-performance, advanced resilience technologies that enable natural systems to protect climate-exposed assets at scale. Our approach is cost-effective, installs safely and efficiently, and delivers a host of positive habitat and social benefits.

Natrx, Inc. is a Raleigh, NC technology company, founded in 2018, that provides nature-based coastal and marine infrastructure solutions intended to promote balance between the natural and built worlds. We apply leading-edge technology to resilience and restoration initiatives, enabling landscape scale enhancement. Our platform incorporates geospatial data analytics, patented Dry FormingTM advanced manufacturing, and material science innovations to deliver habitat-specific resilience systems that harness and support the adaptive power of nature. Addressable challenges include habitat restoration, coastal resilience, and mitigation of erosion and storm surge risks. 

Our founders have been incorporating natural and nature-based elements into coastal projects for over 20 years. We fundamentally believe that these nature-based techniques and technologies must be deployed for us to scale restoration and resilience in the coastal environment.

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Living Shorelines by Natrx are a superior, nature-based approach to coastal protection and restoration.

Vision-led, advanced technology, manufacturing and implementation experience.