This week, Network for Engineering With Research scientists from the Army Corps of Engineers, Engineering With Nature Initiative, and the Institute for Resilient Infrastructure Systems, are meeting up virtually to explore the interplay between biodiversity and infrastructure.

Traditionally, infrastructure is thought of as the “grey” structures such as bridges, highways, and pipes that support our towns and cities. However, natural infrastructure expands that perspective to include natural systems, including built infrastructure like natural shorelines and widened river floodplains, and naturally occurring landscape features such as forests (which purify water, absorb carbon dioxide, and reduce run off) and marshes (which reduce damage from storms, absorb toxins, and provide habitat for economically important species).

Because natural infrastructure serves multiple purposes, scientists are highly interested in learning more about how it can help support diverse, thriving ecosystems.

The Biodiversity Team comes from wide-ranging expertises, including engineers, ecologists, biologists, and landscape architects, amongst others. Tune in this fall to learn more about the innovative work that this team is engaged in!



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