Dr. Andressa Mansur (N-EWN Post-doctoral researcher at University of Georgia) recently published a new paper titled, “Nature futures for the urban century: Integrating multiple values into urban management,” in the journal Environmental Science and Policy.

The research delves into the need to balance preserving natural systems with rapid urbanization, and creates a framework for planning that promotes striking that balance. The framework is called The Urban Nature Futures Framework (UNFF) and it guides users toward future scenarios where both natural and urban spaces can thrive.

It also highlights three perspectives on the need to preserve nature: nature for naturenature for society, and nature as culture.

“Stopping urbanization is not possible, but we can envision and plan for positive and diverse urban futures for nature and people,” said Mansur of the research.  “Our framework offers a tool for alternative visioning and scenario development that helps decision-makers and stakeholders to address the challenge of building a greener, more diverse and more sustainable urban century.”

Check out the paper here!



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