white house

The Network for Engineering With Nature has two exciting updates from the Whitehouse today!

Accelerating Nature-Based Solutions

Leaders from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Engineering With Nature® initiative provided input on a White House report released Tuesday.

EWN National Lead Dr. Todd Bridges and EWN Program Manager Dr. Jeff King provided input to the report along with other leaders across the Federal government. The report highlights opportunities to accelerate nature-based solutions for climate progress, ecosystems, equity and prosperity.

The report is a byproduct of an Executive Order 14072 signed by President Biden on Earth Day that focuses considerable attention and federal effort on nature-based solutions.

For more than a decade, EWN has been part of a worldwide community of organizations that have dramatically advanced the use of nature-based solutions to infrastructure challenges.

Watch the video on the EWN webpage to learn more about the executive order and the important role USACE will play in enacting it.

Predicting Hurricane Coastal Impacts

In addition, N-EWN researcher Dr. Matthew Bilskie’s research group was given a shoutout by the Whitehouse in a Biden-Harris press release. Specifically, Bilskie’s work deals with Supporting Oceanographic Research through Partnerships, Predicting Hurricane Coastal Impacts. Visit the team page here.


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