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Monitoring Performance and Outcomes

Technically sound, efficient and applicable methods are needed to track natural infrastructure (NI) performance over time, develop the evidence base for future designs, ensure compliance with policy and inform project operations and adaptive management

Holistic monitoring

Our goal is to create a flexible framework for designing effective, cost-efficient monitoring programs for NI projects. We will field-test the framework with real-world projects and develop training materials to make the approach easily and widely accessible.

Pre AND post disaster monitoring

We will evaluate avoided losses attributed to NI features in both “indirect” and “direct” impact scenarios to help in broadening NI usage. Additionally, the results will help inform future policy and actions related to marginalized communities living within high risk coastal regions.

Understanding federal processes

We will trace the history and development of the valuation and assessment practices within government agencies to help improve these processes to better account for the full range of benefits provided by NI