Dr. J. Marshall Shepherd, Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor, recently won the 2022 Faculty Achievement Award for the University of Georgia.

As the SEC puts it, “A leading international weather-climate expert, Dr. Shepherd is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the only person in UGA history to be elected to all three. His research focuses primarily on hydrometeorological extremes, urban climate, and the intersections of atmospheric sciences with society. His TED talks have been viewed nearly 3 million times; he has nearly 100 peer-reviewed publications; and he has nearly $30 million in grants and awards. Dr. Shepherd hosts The Weather Channel’s award-winning “Weather Geeks” show/podcast, and he routinely appears on CBS Face The Nation, NOVA, The Today Show, CNN, and Fox News, among others.”

We’re incredibly proud to have Dr. Shepherd on our team! Read the whole press release here.



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