This focal area will improve our understanding of natural infrastructure (NI) costs and benefits, develop tools for implementation, and identify data gaps regarding NI performance over project lifecycles.

Gathering data

This research will lay a foundation of robust data to promote the adoption of NI on landscape-level scales through review of existing literature and identification of current knowledge gaps and places for future research.

building tools

We aim to accelerate the transition from ad hoc implementation of NI in the landscape by building a spatially-explicit NI prioritization tool coupled with a multi-criteria decision analysis framework.

understanding lifecycles

We will collect, collate, and analyze the availability of data on the engineering, economic, environmental, and social costs and benefits of NI over typical project lifecycles (on the order of decades as opposed to a few years).

finding win-win solutions

NI solutions claim “win-win” outcomes for people and nature. We will validate key implicit relationships employed in the tool using outcomes from current case studies.