Inspiring communities through preserving indigenous ecosystems, restoring biological diversity, and embracing ecological stewardship.

Our Story

Since 1982, Biohabitats has been applying nature-based solutions, supported by groundbreaking science and sound engineering principles, to help public, private, and non-profit clients address a wide range of environmental challenges. Biohabitats works in restoring ecosystems, conserving habitat, and regenerating the natural systems that sustain all life on Earth have proven that working with nature provides a plethora of economic and social benefits. Today, Biohabitats retains a multidisciplinary approach that includes engineering, life and earth sciences, landscape architecture and planning to address the pressing needs of our times – loss of biodiversity – climate change – and environmental injustices.

Behind all of our work is an intention to respect Earth’s ecological limit, heal damaged ecological processes, and catalyze mutually beneficial relationships among the land and all forms of life. Our five core values and three drivers embody the spirit of our culture. They serve as the foundation for how we do what we do.

Our Initiatives

In The News

  • On ecological restoration projects and landscape design processes: a recap from the October N-EWN Highlights meeting

    At our October Monthly Highlights meeting for N-EWN Partner members, affiliates Christopher Streb, Senior Ecological Engineer at Biohabitats, and Kelsey Broich, Creative Design Specialist with the Institute for Resilient Infrastructure Systems, presented respectively on the Regeneration Principle of ecological restoration projects and landscape design processes. Streb gave examples of projects Biohabitats has worked on, such…

  • Biohabitats Named N-EWN Partner

    Biohabitats has joined the Network for Engineering With Nature amongst a group of exciting new partners. Learn more about their work here. Biohabitats is a conservation-focused landscape design group, applying the science of ecology to restoring ecosystems, conserving habitat and regenerating the natural systems that sustain all life on Earth. Their areas of expertise include…