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Founded in 1997, Anchor QEA is a nationally recognized environmental firm focused on coastal and nearshore planning, science, and engineering. We provide full-range service to public and private sector clients and have developed innovative solutions to some of the most challenging sites in the nation – whether that be in environmental restoration, climate change or technology innovation related to aquatic resources. We work alongside our clients to formulate and implement solutions to improve the resiliency of coastal communities in the face of changing climate, sea-level rise, and storm events.

Anchor QEA pioneered the balanced design process between engineering and ecology, and our
coastal practice supports the design of coastal protection, beach nourishment, and shoreline
stabilization projects, including habitat restoration and mitigation. We focus our solutions on functional, sustainable, and resilient habitat restoration design principles – combining the essential principles of coastal and fluvial geomorphology, environmental science and engineering, coastal processes and predictions, nearshore biology and ecology, and visualization of natural features via landscape architecture.

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