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Our Goals

As the world’s trusted infrastructure consulting firm, our ESG, or environmental, social, and governance, commitments, are central to the way we do business. We understand both the urgency of the challenges before us, and our responsibility to act in a way that benefits our clients, the communities we serve, and the planet.

Working in areas such as environmental restoration, hazard mitigation, climate resilience, and disaster recovery, the AECOM Team is inherently interested in adaptive and socially equitable infrastructure solutions – especially those where social and environmental objectives can be woven in. This has placed AECOM at the forefront of natural infrastructure and hybrid solutions. The benefits achieved by working with nature are proven and growing and we want to be part of the solution moving forward. The AECOM Team is a proponent of integrating these solutions into projects more frequently and capturing benefits for our communities, the economy, and nature. Ultimately, our interest is making these concepts actionable, and realizing their potential to better our world.

Our Work

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