body of water beside beach sand

In collaboration with The Water Institute, we have conducted extensive policy research to evaluate the benefits of Engineering With Nature® (EWN) principles and nature-based solutions for USACE projects. This final report represents a significant milestone in our journey to advance nature-based solutions for navigation, flood risk management, water operations, and ecosystem restoration.

Throughout the research process the team explored the integration of nature-based solutions (NBS) alongside traditional infrastructure approaches in six completed USACE planning studies. The report documents how our organization can apply new methods and approaches to assess the full spectrum of benefits associated with NBS.

By considering a wider range of social, environmental, and economic benefits and costs, we aim to make more informed decisions that lead to sustainable and resilient investments.

We believe that this research effort will accelerate delivery of nature-based solutions in alignment with the evolving Principles, Requirements and Guidelines for Water and Land Related Resources Implementation Studies (PR&G). By embracing a comprehensive evaluation framework, we are better equipped to make decisions that positively impact our communities.

We are grateful for the dedicated team at The Water Institute and all those who contributed to this collaborative effort. Together, we are shaping the future of water resource development and management.

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